Frequently Asked Questions

Our drinks do not include added sugar, preservatives or artificial flavouring. For Coconut shake series, you can select your own sugar level.

We recommend drinking our beverages as soon as possible or on the day of purchase to enjoy the freshness & benefits. If you wish to consume your beverages later, please store in a refrigerator below 4°C and consume within 24hours from time of purchase. Beverages containing sugarcane juice may oxidise and change to a darker colour.

We recommend adding fresh lemon to your sugarcane juice.

We use fresh fruits and they are juiced upon order. We do not use any fruit syrups. 

E.g. we use fresh lemon & orange instead of syrup.

As our drinks mainly consists of fresh fruits which are agricultural products, there are external environmental factors that contribute to their flavor. Although we quality check our fresh fruits upon arrival, it is challenging for us to ensure consistency of flavor in different batches as we do not use any added sugars, preservatives, or artificial flavoring.

Our Coconuts are from Thailand.

Yes, we receive Coconut & Sugarcane deliveries daily to ensure their freshness.

We wash our sugarcanes with clean water before they are juiced to remove dirt & our juice is filtered twice before being served. Our sugarcane machines are also washed and sterilised daily.

No, we do not add water to the sugarcane juice and we do not soak the canes in sugar syrup.

Yes, our coconut ice cream contains milk. 

As the precut coconut is a fresh fruit with no preservatives, we strongly recommend consuming the pre-cut coconut within 3 days of purchase. Please store in a refrigerator below 4°C. Yes it may turn bad before the expiry if the storage conditions are not favourable.