About Us

About Us

Welcome to CocoCane

Brand objective

Established in 2016, CocoCane aims to be a healthier beverage provider for consumers.

Our specialisation

We specialise in 100% Pure Coconut Water & 100% pure Sugarcane juice. Our signature product is our Signature CocoCane juice which comprises of both pure coconut water and pure sugarcane juice. We do not add any sugar or preservatives to our beverages.

Making CocoCane a refreshing & thirst quenching choice
  • Fresh ingredients used so that our customers get real nutrients instead of empty calories.
  • No preservatives added.
  • Prepared fresh daily upon order.
  • Designed and guaranteed to provide you the ultimate thirst quenching experience.

Here at CocoCane we want to provide you with healthy yet delicious beverage alternative.

Let’s enrich your life by consuming all-natural ingredients packed with nutrients for a healthier & happier you

Hydrate Well, Live Well